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Clarifications, Disclaimers, etc.

In yesterday's entry I made the colossal error of saying that the Waco Fire was in 1943. It was of course in 1993.

muffdaddysmooth posted a comment pointing out the error. I fixed the error and deleted the comment. I did this because I meant for the entry to be a serious one and I felt like the blog equivalent of a "blooper reel" would dilute it's impact.

But in this post I just want to make clear that I made a stupid mistake that I didn't see before posting, that muff was smart enough to see it after I posted, and I am grateful to him for pointing it out. Thanks muff.

Also, I have been rather dramatic in some of the posts about my medical condition. That was deliberate. Sometimes I just get dramatic. Those who know me well welcome the break from my whimsy.

But anyway, I want to make it very clear, in case I didn't in my lj entries, that the dire condition I referred to was 5 years ago and I am much better now and in no danger.

We now return to your regularly scheduled whimsy.