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Gerry Studds

Gerry Studds died this weekend. For those unfamiliar with Rep. Studds, he was a congressman who got in trouble for having sex with a page.It's interesting and yes, ironic, that he died while the Foley scandal is in the news.

Studds was 69 years old (shut up, Beavis!).

According to the AP,"In 1983, Rep. Studds acknowledged his homosexuality after a 27-year-old man disclosed that he and Rep. Studds had a sexual relationship a decade earlier when the man was a teenage congressional page. "

That's an interesting way to put it. If you were just skimming the article you'd think he'd gotten in trouble for having sex with a 27-year-old, instead of a 17-year-old.

So much grist for the mill. I look forward to seeing what Mssrs. Stone and Parker do with the recent brouhaha.