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Poetry Reading Last Night

Yesterday the stock market was down and  because of that (along with concerns about the economy in general), I almost made a very depressing and pessimistic entry. I didn't, not because of a desire to appear cheerful or anything, but because I was busy and tired. (Advising
is quite a time sink).

I am glad now I didn't make my whiny entry because the day ended up being pretty good.

In spite of being tired and busy, I went to the Jackson's Java poetry reading. I didn't' have a lot of material. Not many celebrities had died, but
I few ours before I went I found out that Ed Bradley had died. I whipped together this modest but respectful little number:

Let us now observe
Sixty Minutes of silence
In honor of Ed

I also took the Pol Pot poem I had included in an earlier entry. It was not modified from the original posting, except for the addition of a title:
"To Pol Pot and John Lennon".

Both poems went over well. In fact, the Pol Pot poem went over so well that Jonathan (the guy who runs the  poetry readings ) approached me after the reading and said "I want that!". Wow. He apparently  wants to publish it in his poetry journal Iodine. I told him I wasn't completely happy with the title, and after some back and forth he suggested that I just call it "Pol Pot" with a subtitle "After John Lennon". Perfect. I guess that's why he is a poetry magazine editor and I am just a humble amateur. He also suggested breaking it up into stanzas which I had not even give any thought to.

Having a brother in the music business, I know it's dangerous to assume too quickly that anything is a done deal. He is probably going to publish it, but who knows? That's why I am making this a friends-only entry until I know something firmer. If it looks like a go, I will make this entry public (not that anybody reading this now cares).

After the poetry reading, I started doing some math. I was writing down some solutions to the diophantine equation a2+b2=c2+d2,with a=300. For instance, 3002+952=2972+1042. I noticed an attractive young lady looking over my shoulder. She  asked me if I knew calculus.
I told her I did, but I was a little rusty. She showed me some calculus problems she was working on and asked if I could help her.

I was amazed at how much came back to me once I thought about it a little. One of them involved inverse trigonometric functions and after some searching of the memory banks I saw it could be solved using the inverse chain  rule, since it was based on a function raised to a constant power. She was wanting to use integration by parts, since it was after all a product of functions, but since it was raised to the fifth power that would have been  a very time-consuming  process. I saved her from certain tedium, if not doom.

I explained some of the things to look for when she was doing integrals so that she could quickly decide which rules to use. She was very nice and seemed very grateful for my help. There's few things more fun than helping a vivacious young woman with calculus. I am vaguely thinking there might be something to do with a vivacious young woman more fun than calculus, but my memory is somewhat faulty in my  advancing years and I am having trouble remembering  what it is.


You probably did save her from doom. It's likely that problem was supposed to be an excersize with the inverse chain rule and was probably not practically solvable by parts. She might have gone mad!
Thanks for that. I feel like a super-hero now. :)