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Life Imitates Literature

I am currently reading The Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon. It's a  picaresque novel about a rather dysfunctional creative writing professor. Among the colorful characters are his soon-to-be-ex-wife's family... an old Jewish couple and their three adopted Korean children.
There's a long humorous section where he has seder with them. Chabon writes

"I got a strong feeling of satisfaction from sitting down to eat a mad meal of parsley, bones, hard-boiled eggs, crackers, and salt water with a bunch of Jews, three of them Korean."

I was reading it in Jackson's Java last night and decided to take a supper break. I went over to Harris Teeter to get a sandwich from their deli. My sandwich was made by a stocky Asian guy. We chatted pleasantly about sandwiches, chicken salad, and the stock market while he was working. I got a look at his name tag. "Greenberg" was his last name.

I almost asked him if he had ever read Wonder Boys, but decided not to. He was probably sick of that question.