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Today was the first day this week that the stock market was open. Yesterday it was closed for President's day. So in my real life portfolio I purchased Armor Holdings,Bell South, Broadcom, and Steve Madden. As of 3:16 PM, my portfolio is up and all the major indices are down. I am quite happy about this, especially since stocks are always down on the first day I buy them ( since I haven't made the commission back yet). And 4 is a lot for me to buy on one day. Maybe the most ever.

I just looked at my Cashin' In portfolio. I am back in the top 20%. YAY!

In dead celebrity news, William Cowsill and Curt Gowdy have died. Those are going to be tough haiku to write. I know little about sports and William Cowsill is quite obscure. (Although his sister Susan seems to be experiencing a renaissance).