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Stock Market

My trading portfolio closed up .46% today. Not great, but much better than any of the major indices. Thank heaven for inverse ETFs.

I don't want to give the exact money amount, but here are the weights of what's in my portfolio.

DOG 11.40%
DVY 34.73%
DXD 11.28%
SH 12.05%
CASH 30.53%

DOG, DXD, and SH are all inverse ETFs.Given that, here's a breakdown of how I'm allocated between short,long, and cash.

Cash 30.53%

My portfolio is still worth more than I originally put into it, but it is way way down from its highs. The big thing I've learned is that betting against a down market is a lot trickier than betting on an up market. This is probably because markets are a lot more volatile on the way down, with their infamous dead cat bounces and sucker rallies.