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Poetry Reading After Action Report 10/9/2008

Last night was an unusually busy poetry reading . In addition to the open mike, Jonathan also devoted a part of it to recent contributors to Iodine Poetry Journal. So there ended up being about 15 readers.

I had written a haiku about Paul Newman and also brought along a couple of my older poems. Jonathan requested that due to the number of readers, everyone restrict themselves to two poems.

The Newman haiku was not very good, so that was the one I tossed. For the curious, it was as follows:

Your salad dressing
Would have made those fifty eggs
Go down easier

I told you it wasn't very good.

The old poems I read were The Girl In The White Dress and The Girl In The Green Dress. You can read them by clicking their links.


...I like the Paul Newman haiku
Thanks. And I never call anyone crazy for liking any of my poetry. Erudite, insightful, but not crazy. :)