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The Berg Lawsuit

The Berg lawsuit is a suit  challenging Obama's eligibility to be president of the United States on the grounds he is not a natural born citizen.

I have seen some of Berg's arguments and am not sure if I agree with all of them. One of them is that if Obama was born in Kenya, as has been  alleged, he is not  a natural born citizen. I don't have an opinion about the merits of that argument in and of itself. But if it's true that Obama was born in Kenya, then he must think it's a good argument, or he wouldn't insist he was born in Hawaii.

Yes, I know I said "if". Maybe there is a real Hawaiian birth certificate. And Obama could shut up right-wing nuts like me (well, on this issue anyway)  if he would just comply with discovery and produce it.

I can only think of two reasons why he won't. One is because he can't. The other is that it's a political tactic to get his opponents to make a lot of noise about it so he can produce it and say "HAHA!! You right wingers are wrong!!". I'm hedging my remarks a little because of that last possibility. But as the election grows closer, it seems less likely.

I understand there is a similar controversy about McCain, since he was born in Panama. McCain has, however, already prevailed in one court challenge.

A thoughtful and more thorough discussion of the eligibility of both candidates can be found here.  If  you didn't like this posting, you might like that one better. :)


McCain is legally a naturally born citizen, but he wasn't when he was born, for a little while. That part seems so weird to me. Retroactive laws are strange like that.
Is this his birth certificate?

I think that's the one that was posted on FightTheSmears.com.
Some people are questioning it's authenticity.

I'm not going to stick my neck out on that one. It might be real. My point is that Obama could end all this speculation by giving the evidence requested in discovery.