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Why I Voted For McCain

I voted on the second day of early voting. I pushed the button for McCain/Palin for president, and pushed the straight Republican ticket button. Then I went back and changed my lieutenant governor and insurance commissioner votes to libertarian.

I like Bob Barr better than McCain, but I wanted to do what I could to minimize the amount of power Democrats would take in November. Yes, I know it was probably futile, but I wanted to do what I could.

The Berg Lawsuit, which I mentioned in my previous post, was one of my reasons.

Another reason was the fact that Obama wants to have carbon dioxide treated as a pollutant by the government. This is insane. Carbon dioxide is what we exhale, for goodness sake. It is not an impurity and it is not a toxin. Environmentalism will have officially gone from being about clean air to government micromanaging of the atmosphere.

And then there are two problems I have with Democrats in general. The first is, they punish wealth creation. Obama has admitted that one of his goals is to "spread the wealth", and all the smears in the world against Joe the plumber won't change that. He has also stated that he supports a higher capital gains tax for the primary reason that some people make too much money from capital gains.

I'll admit some self-interest here. I am in the top half of income earners, but not a gazillionaire. I believe that the  economic populism I described above always hits people like that the hardest.

I also believe that a Democratic regime would do everything they could to stifle conservative speech. There is a long pattern of this. From the attempts in 1993 to bring back the Fairness Doctrine to the Clinton Justice Department's harassment of the American Spectator to Chad Clanton's ominous remarks that Sinclair Broadcasting "better hope that we don't win the election" after they ran an anti-Kerry documentary.
I believe Barak Obama will continue that tradition. His truth squads in Missouri are not very reassuring on this matter, to say the least.

Something that bothered me when I voted is that nobody asked me for a photo ID. How did they know I was who I said I was? I think about the recent brouhaha involving ACORN. One of the defenses is that ACORN has only been accused of registration fraud, not voting fraud.
But if there is registration fraud, voting fraud is very easy. Someone could vote as Ben Dover at one early election site, Dick Hertz at another,
and then vote as themselves on election day if there is no requirement for voter ID.


I don't blame you. I said I was going for Obama...only because I thought he'd be better than McCain. Then again, it had always been, for me, the choice between drinking sulphuric acid or nitric acid.

After reading this post I doubt if Obama would be better after all.
Thanks for that. I agree, we don't have a great choice in this election...two mediocre candidates and one that's unelectable.
Same here in New Zealand. The ACT party has the best economic policies, but they are tiny. National (the conservatives) are now basically just Labour (the liberals)-lite. (Right now, the Labour party has been in power for 9 years. It's about time they left.)

I edited this post

I took the sentence "I'll admit some self interest here" and moved it to a new paragraph.

In the original posting, I put in the sentence about self-interest but didn't put the second sentence to complete the argument. I added the second sentence and moved it to a paragraph of it's own.

Re: I edited this post

First thanks for the civil response, and apologies for not answering it early.

Anyway, I have no problem with Sarah Palin. She's got as much experience as Obama, and is the only one on either ticket with executive experience.

Your mileage may vary. In fact, I'm quite sure it does.

Re: I edited this post

I've never thought you hated conservatives (wouldn't have friended you if I did.)

Re: I edited this post

Heeeey, if there was something wrong with voting in your self-interest, the majority of voters would be excluded from voting.

There's only something wrong with voting in your self-interest when you are pushing for someone else's rights/property to be taken away for your sake. And as you know, many people, both left and right, actually do this.

I'd vote for a libertarian, because I want the economy to boom, goods to be cheap, and opportunities wide open - for myself, of course, but that would also benefit loads and loads of other people.

voters registration

I wish I could read more posts like this. If most of the country had such a rational approach to their role in government, potentially good people like McCain and Obama wouldn't have to sacrifice their values and pander to every sentimental notion that could possibly evoke favor in the next 30 second spot in the 24-hour news cycle.

Voter registration leaves a lot to be desired. In the rush to make sure no one is unfairly treated at the voter registration booth, almost anything gets you a voter registration card. The last four digits of your friend who was born in the same area and same time's social security number, a drivers license, any government issued ID, a phone bill water bill, any government bill or anything with your name on it written on government stationary, including a document detailing why you can't vote...