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Today In History

Edit: I am adding another important event I  (to my great embarrassment) didn't know about when I first posted.

1929 - Black Tuesday, or the stock market crash of 1929.

1969- The internet came into being

Undisclosed year-queenjoni  was born



thank you
You are quite welcome. You never told me you have the same birthday as the Internet!!
I didn't know the internet was born today, too. That's a lot cooler than the birthday of the Great Depression (though I never did miss any history test questions about that).
I've heard that some people are saying that today's economic crisis is as bad as the 1929 one. Then again, I've heard other people say otherwise, it isn't even like the 70's. I wonder which view is more correct? Yes, the media likes to go for bad news and sensation, but I hope things can work out okay in the end.
I lived in America in the 1970's and a couple of months ago I was saying that things are nowhere near as bad as they were then, as far as the "misery index" is concerned.

After all the failures of financial institutions, I'm not quite as sure. But even this is more a concern about how things could get than how things are.

Time will tell.

BTW, I guess I should introduce you to my other friends. miss_breeziness, meet queenjoni. queenjoni, meet miss_breeziness.
Thanks for the heads up. I do hope things go okay and the market recovers. If America's economy tanks, well...let's just say New Zealand won't exactly benefit either.

Thanks for introducing me. And happy birthday, queenjoni.
Nice to meet you.