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It has been six months since Ira died

I know other big things have happened more recently, but Ira deserves attention. I do not want her forgotten. I am not the only one, and credit should go to those who are helping to keep her memory alive. I particularly want to thank Daniel Jackson of the Gaston Gazette for all the excellent reporting he has done on this case. Kudos are also due to Tara Servatius for interviewing Ira's brother Pavel on her show, and my friend Jason for his work on the Ira Yarmolenko website.

To those who knew her, Ira's death was as much as trauma as her life was a marvelous gift. It hit me pretty hard, and I am just a guy who ordered coffee from her. I can only imagine what it was like for those much closer to her, like her family, her roommate, and other close friends.

I can't honestly say I am constantly consumed by emotion by this, but sadness over her death will occasionally hit me at odd times. I am teaching today in a classroom in the library. I used to see her in there between my classes. Chatting with her was always a good stress reducer. I have a feeling I will remember those times today.

Most of the time, I believe in letting go of negative emotions like sadness and anger. It's my experience that while you can't will them away,
they will go away eventually if you don't nurse them. Nursing negative emotions is almost never a heatlhy thing to do.

But in this case I am making an exception. I have made a conscious decision to hang onto what ever sadness and anger persist until her killer is caught. They will serve as an irritant that will drive me to do things like post about her here, post news stories about her on other forums, bother people I know in the news media, hang posters, etc. It's a rare case of negative emotions having a positive effect.

The things I mentioned above are small. But hopefully they will keep Ira from slipping out of the public eye completely. It's possible that nothing I do will have any effect. But I don't know that for sure, and that is why I am hanging onto the pain.