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Post #400- Election Miscellany

First, some postmortems. Why did the Republicans get clobbered?

Certainly the financial crisis didn't help. There's lots of blame to go around, but a Republican was in the White House when it happened. Fairly or unfairly, the Republican party will get blamed.

The Republican brand was tarnished, largely thanks to George Bush. The Iraq War and his subsequent handling of it turned off a lot of the public, and then he alienated his base with things like No Child Left Behind and the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit, without getting any compensating support from liberals.

The Bush family has managed to put more Democrats in the White House than the Kennedys have.

They didn't pick a strong candidate. I don't think anybody, regardless of how they voted, was as enthusiastic about McCain as Democrats were about Obama. If you look at my own post on why I  voted for McCain, you'll see that it's badly mistitled. I didn't really vote for McCain.I was mostly just voting against the Democrats.

Even though he was widely dismissed as a nut, I know Ron Paul would have done better than McCain. His views on monetary policy, which at one time seemed like an esoteric issue, would have had fresh resonance in light of the recent financial crisis. And he was the only Republican contender who could have given Obama serious competition for the youth vote.

McCain was outspent. This was largely due to the agreement he made with Obama that they would both accept public financing and agree to the restrictions that accompany them. Obama later backed out of that agreement and was able to raise as much money as he wanted to. I have a feeling nobody is going to make a deal like that in the future. Not making the deal is a lot better than making it and coming back later and saying "No fair!! He tricked me". That's just not very presidential.

I am not thrilled with the outcome, for reasons I gave in my post on why I voted for McCain.  I was a little depressed Tuesday night. But I'm not going to fall to pieces. I'll enjoy what freedom and prosperity I still have and do what I can, both in and out of the political arena, to keep it.
I do wonder if I want to keep trading stocks. The risk/reward ratio is probably going to be a lot worse under the current regime. But beyond that, I'm not going to completely go John Galt.

Dan Flynn wrote a couple of entries in his blog that I found helpful to me, as well as to any conservative tempted to succumb to gloom and doom. The day after the election he wrote Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life, and today he wrote the oh-so-appropriately-titled Get A Life.


I liked the Dan Flynn articles, although his assertion that conservatives were the ones who wanted to live and let live, and liberals were the ones who wanted to meddle in people's lives, seem a little...well, not quite the pot calling the kettle black. More like...

Let's just say that I've known activists (who I think are liberal) to say exactly the same thing.

I sympathize on the stock trading thing. My parents lost a lot on the sharemarket when it collapsed earlier. (That doesn't mean we are or were rich, mind you.) But even under Obama, there are surely some businesses that are likely to do well.
I'm glad you liked the Dan Flynn articles. I understand why you might think conservatives can be as guilty as liberals of meddling, but Dan Flynn, while not libertarian, is more of a "leave us alone" kind of conservative, as evidenced by the following quote:

"I am involved with politics so that politics is not involved with me"

to which I must respond amen, and well said.
I understand, but my point was that people on BOTH sides (and, for the record, any "us vs. them" side, even when the "them" is society in general) claim to be the ones who just want to live their own lives, and "they" are the ones that want to kill us, rape us, and refuse to give us money...okay, that was the activist.

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Three things I like about you

Sorry, I forgot to do this. For everyone. :D

1) You have strong political convictions and talk about them but always politely and never in a condescending way.
2) You read so many books!
3) You're just so genuinely nice. :)

Re: Three things I like about you

Why thank you dear lady. :)

Warm fuzzies are a good thing sometimes.