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Poetry Reading After Action Report 11/13/08

Last night was the monthly poetry reading at Jackson's Java. I had mentioned in a previous post that I find myself thinking of Ira and missing her at odd times. Last night was such a time. It wasn't entirely because she used to work there.

Someone had given me a bunch of discount cards for a store that specializes in petite women's clothing, and asked me to give them to any women who might be interested. When I went into Jackson's I went through a mental list of really petite women who worked there. I came up empty, and then thought of Ira. She was quite petite, and would have liked a discount card. It's weird what triggers memories.

As usual, I had written haiku for the recently deceased & famous. I had haiku for Studs Terkel, Madelyn Dunham, and Michael Crichton.
I was chatting with Jonathan (the host) and he said something about the death of Jimmy Carl Black, original drummer for The Mothers Of Invention. I'd had no idea Black had died. I am really slipping.

I excused myself, ran off to my table and dashed off a haiku in about a minute and a half. I think that was some kind of record. It might be fun to have a speed haiku contest, where a topic is given and results are judged on both quality and the amount of time it took to write them.

Here are the the haiku:

Studs Terkel

you said “did not kill this cat.”
Alas, old age did

Madelyn Dunham

You raised a young boy
After your child-rearing years
You were a hero

Micheal Crichton

Fake global warming,
Homemade dinosaurs. What strange,
Scary worlds you made

Jimmy Carl Black
Lonesome Cowboy Bert,
The Indian of the group-
A one-man western!


"Fake global warming,
Homemade dinosaurs. What strange,
Scary worlds you made"

Ha! Good one. Really good!
Thank you. :)