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1.5 Cheers For The European Union

As the United States is rushing headlong into statism, it is nice to see that the EU is taking a baby step away from it.

They have recently lifted their ban on the sale of ugly fruits and vegetables. Honestly, I didn't know they had such a rule. I am going to look at the glass half full, and just be grateful they lifted the ban instead of bemoaning the fact that it once existed.

If ugly vegetables are that repellant to consumers, they'll just stop buying them and they won't be sold anymore. The EU seems to have figured out that even if the free market doesn't work for credit derivatives and health care, it's pretty good for determining how ugly the produce in the grocery store is.


I've heard of something like this regarding something called the "UglyRipe" tomato brand.

...Some of these laws are just parodies of themselves. :D :D :D

Ironically I've heard people criticize consumers for wanting their apples and carrots to look too good. Darn, you can't win. I have to admit my personal bias for attractive produce myself. :D

Edited at 2008-11-15 01:28 am (UTC)