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Awesome closers

I recently finished reading Get Shorty by Elmore Leonard. It was a fun read, and one of the most memorable things about it was the closing sentence. I have done a couple of posts about "awesome openers" and I think it might be fun to do one about awesome closing sentences.

The last sentence is "Fucking endings man, they weren't as easy as they looked." It looks gimmicky here, but in context it's not. It's fits perfectly with the plot (which involves making a movie) and you think about that before you think about the self-referential nature of the sentence. It ends up working perfectly

Even though I read it many years ago, I still remember the last sentence of The Secret Life Of Bill Clinton by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: "It makes you want to cry, doesn't it?"

I had mentioned 100 Years Of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia-Marquez as one of my books with awesome openers. It also has an awesome (or at least memorable) closer:"the generations condemned to one hundred years of solitude would not be granted a second chance on earth."

Of course, if you really want to know how to write an awesome closer, you should check out lessons 2 and 10 of Michael O'Donoghue's How To Write Good.



Hmmm, I might check that book out sometime. If I come across it! :)

I need to read more...Do you know of any basically optimistic, life-affirming novels?
Life-affirming? Closest I can think of to that is "The Curious Incident Of The Dog At Night Time."
While the closing sentence of Palahniuk's Survivor is technically,"Testing, testing, one, two-", the sentence right before that is memorable and has always stuck with me.

Tender Branson, sitting in the cockpit of an airliner heading straight for a mountain, recounts his life during his last few moments. Seconds before the crash he says, "And the sky is blue and righteous in every direction. The sun is total and burning and just right there, and today is a beautiful day."

Bending the rules a bit, but thought I'd mention it.
That's just gorgeous. I'm going to have to sit down and read some Palahniuk. (Actually I recently purchased "Stranger Than Fiction".)