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Global Warming Miscellaney

It is cold here in Charlotte. The temperature was 29 degrees this morning . Yesterday we had a record low.  Grandfather Mountain also experienced a record low recently. I usually don't turn my heat on until the first day of winter, but I may be forced to make an exception this year. Where the hell is this global warming I keep hearing so much about?

According to GISS (Goddard Institute For Space Studies), Russia had record high temperatures last month. Well, at least they said so at first. it turns out that the October temperatures were so high because GISS had inadvertently used September temperatures. Oops.

This recent downturn in temperatures coincides with a period of low solar activity.  This is evidence (though not necessarily proof) of the solar activity theory of climate change.

I wish Michael Crichton were alive to comment on all this. I was completely remiss in not posting anything when he died. I greatly enjoyed his novel State Of Fear, a fictional polemic against believers in anthropogenic global warming. The book also contained an afterword explaining his views and warning against the politicization of science, a concern I also share. Indeed, that was the root of much of his concern with the global warming movement. He once gave an excellent speech on these matters. Here is a link to it.