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Today In History

Today is the anniversary of one big, well-known event and another, smaller, personal event. The big event , of course is the assassination of JFK.

I was 5 years old when Kennedy was shot. I don't have an actual "where were you when it happened" story because I don't really remember, even though I have lots of other memories from that time.

I do remember the aftermath. I didn't go to kindergarten the next day because it was a national day of mourning. I thought it was cool that kindergarten was closed, and asked my father if he would take me to the drug store and buy me a comic book. He said no, because EVERYTHING was closed. I hadn't fully taken everything in, but when he told me this I realized that this must be a really big deal.

The family gathered around the television to watch the funeral. My father wanted to keep it for posterity, but VCRs hadn't been invented yet. So he sat in front of the TV with his home movie camera and filmed it that way.

I've been pretty much an agnostic on the conspiracy theories. It seems plausible that we don't know the whole story, but I haven't done enough investigation to come to a firm conclusion. I do know that the Dallas police should have done a better job than they did of guarding Lee Harvey Oswald. If Jack Ruby hadn't shot him, we would have had access to a lot more information and there wouldn't be as many suspicions. Unless of course there really was a conspiracy.

The small personal event is that on this day in 2001, I had my last alcoholic beverage. I'd actually quit back in September on doctor's orders.
He told me I needed to cut way back and I'd decided quitting was easier. I was at my cousin's house for Thanksgiving that day, and she'd made some kind of frozen frou-frou drinks for everyone. I had one because I didn't want to go into a long explanation of why I'd quit. I know sentences like that last one are usually followed by  "and then I had another and soon I was again plunged into the hell of addiction."
That didn't happen though. Probably because the drink was about 10% alcohol and 90% frou-frou drink stuff. Also because I was so irritated at myself for breaking my streak that I resolved never to do that again. So I haven't had another drink in 7 years. 


Congrats on 7 years. I'm very proud of you. Did you go book shopping today?
Thanks. I hadn't done the "anniversary present for me" thing in a while, so this year I went crazy on Amazon.
I bought the following items from my wish list:
good for you!