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Today Is Jethro Bodine's Birthday

A while back, I was watching a rerun of The Beverly Hillbillies on TVLand where Jethro was enrolling in school. He was asked for his date of birth, and responded "December 4."

Later, I decided it was stupid to keep that piece of information in my head. It was using up memory that could store more important things, like the primitive roots of 37. I actually made an effort to forget it, and was partly successful. The month stuck but the date was gone.

The way I know now that today is his birthday is that later I had insomnia, was channel surfing, and lo and behold I found the same episode of the Beverly Hillbillies. When it got to that tempting moment when Jethro gave his birthdate, I decided to go ahead and put the info back in my brain. I can always recompute the primitive roots of 37 if I really need them.

Interestingly enough, today is also the birthday ofsmallutensils . Happy birthday, dude! Don't stay out partying too late with Jethro.


Heeheehee. :)

Oh maaaan, if you could use useless trivia stored in someone's head as money, with each piece amounting to one cent, the US would be able to pay off its national debt using mine. :D
Mine too. Especially if you gave more than one cent for the most useless trivia. :)
My friend Nenena has read and seen so much stuff I reckon she must have loads more than even me...Here's her tags list:


Just count all the anime/manga, movies, comics, and literature. Not to mention all the political blogs she reads.