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A word about editing

I was just looking over some old entries and found some mistakes. In this entry, I saw that I had said "Thanksgiving dinner" when I really meant to say "Easter dinner". In this entry*, I wrote the word "morning" when I meant "mourning" (homonyms are a bitch sometimes). I fixed both mistakes.

This leads me to a dilemma about editing. Very often when online entries are edited, the author will include a notice that it has been edited.
I can see why someone could feel ethically compelled to do that. But I fixed those entries so they would look better. Putting an "edited" notice on them would be like an unclean erasure. The result is something that is more correct, but uglier.

The best way for me to resolve this is to announce that any misspellings, typos, or other forms of cerebral flatulence in this blog may be fixed without a notification. So know that any entry you see that is free of errors might not have been so pristine when it was originally posted.

On the other hand, if I deliberately say something that I later decide is wrong,the entry will remain as is. If I predict the end of the world on a particular date, the posting will remain up after the date has passed. (Unless of course the world ends.) For instance, a while back I made an entry entitled Charles Wheelan Is A Big Fat Stupid Idiot. It's not a great example, because I still stand by most of the points I made. But I did say that the national rate of foreclosures is 1%. That was true at the time, but it's a lot worse now and I clearly underestimated how bad the foreclosure problem would get. Nevertheless, the article stands.

* That entry is friends only.