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Poetry Reading After-Action Report 12/11/08

The poetry reading was pretty crowded last night. There were a dozen readers. One young lady read a poem describing her life as having been lived in a series of boxes. There will several other poems after hers that also used boxes as a metaphor. I refuse to make the obvious pun.

There are a couple of older guys named Jim that always have interesting contributions. One of them (who I will call Jim 1) always has a mix of the whimsical and poignant contributions, and tonight he did not disappoint. The first was a comic poem about Fat Albert eating too much pie, the second about an English war bride adjusting to Christmas in America in the 40's. I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine which one was whimsical and which was poignant.

The other Jim (Jim 2) read two poems about economics. Yes, economics. The first was an ode in praise of the gold standard. Given the recent monetary mess, it was certainly relevant, and actually a lot better than you might expect. I'll go out on a limb and say it was probably the best poem on economic policy since Ezra Pound's With Usura.

My friend Hannah read a couple of poems which were both excellent. Her poems are very rich in metaphor and image, but she always exerts enough discipline to keep them from collapsing under the weight of the verbal ornaments. i would not be surprised if she were famous one day.

I didn't have any memorial haiku, in spite of the passing of Beverly Garland. I just read my Christmas sonnet, which you may read below. (Apologies to those who are reading it for the nth time.

A Christmas Benediction

May tigers, wolves, and wildebeests not wait
Outside your door. May scary monsters flee
Your domicile. Let poltergeists vacate
Your home and not end you felicity.

May passion fruit and armagnac and cheese
From Holland grace your table every day.
May angels guard your cupboard; Let it please
Them always to keep lack and want at bay.

May loved ones all seem lovelier and foes
Bring chocolates to your door. May strangers greet
You as a friend and may you see in those
You know unknown virtues you’ve yet to meet.

May blessings fall at Christmastime my friend
On you like snowflakes falling without end.


Also, Bettie Page died yesterday.
I didn't hear about that until today. Don't worry she will get a good haiku. :)