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One more haiku

Since it is, after all, National Haiku Day. This is a computer generated haiku. It appears to write haiku based on words found in your blog. I generated several of them and this is the first one that came close to making sense.

Haiku2 for babydoc3

geeky diversions

in my portfolio but got

stopped out of that

Created by Grahame



That actually made sense. :) Kinda.

Some I generated.

Out of the 30 or so I saw these are the ones that made any sense.

farewell buddy a
conversation i hope to
one day be having

12 and i'm watching
the sky light up tomorrow
we'll be back sometime

extreme case something
truely tron esque has taken
place in 1994 for you

This one doesn't make much sense, but it's my favorite anyway:

that is if the sky
doesn't open up and take
your pants off that man

Re: Some I generated.

I like that last one. It doesn't make tons of sense, but it does parse OK and that's more than you get from most of them. :)