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Books I Read In 2008

Each item in the list is also a link. The books I wrote about here have a link to the corresponding blog entry. The others are mostly to the Amazon page for the book, although on a few occasions I departed from that. I don't think I'm going to read this many books in 2009.

  1. M. Stanton Evans - Blacklisted By History
  2. Kathleen Willey – Target
  3. Guy Cohen- Options Made Easy
  4. Barbara Rockefeller-Technical Analysis For Dummies
  5. Fred Singer-Unstoppable Global Warming
  6. Steve Martin -Born Standing Up
  7. Andrew Napolitano- A Nation Of Sheep
  8. Paul Johnson-A History Of The American People
  9. Charles Payne-Be Smart Act Fast Get Rich
  10. Thomas Sowell-Economic Facts And Fallacies
  11. Stuart Taylor & KC Johnson-Until Proven Innocent
  12. William F. Buckley, Jr. -Marco Polo If You Can
  13. Stella Gibbons-Cold Comfort Farm
  14. Clark Coogan-Escape From Planet Lame
  15. Thomas Sowell- On Classical Economics
  16. Ayn Rand-Atlas Shrugged
  17. David Bossie-Hillary:The Politics Of Personal Destruction
  18. Michael Barone- Our First Revolution
  19. Michael Chabon-A Model World
  20. Mike Adams-Feminists Say The Darndest Things
  21. Micheal Chabon-Werewolves In Their Youth
  22. Michael Chabon-Mysteries Of Pittsburgh
  23. Michael Chabon-The Final Solution
  24. Caleb Carr- The Italian Secretary
  25. Ayn Rand-Return Of The Primitive
  26. Robert Nozick-Socratic Puzzles
  27. Christopher Hitchens - Thomas Paine's Rights Of Man
  28. Christopher Hitchens-Why Orwell Matters
  29. Amity Shlaes-The Forgotten Man
  30. Micheal Chabon-Maps And Legends
  31. Edwin Lefevre-Wall Street Stories
  32. Friedrich Hayek-The Constitution Of Liberty
  33. AJ Jacobs-The Know-It-All
  34. Jacques Barzun-From Dawn To Decadence
  35. Joseph Campbell-The Hero With A Thousand Faces
  36. Ayn Rand-The Fountainhead
  37. David Berlinski-Newton's Gift
  38. Stephen Bertman-The Eight Pillars Of Greek Wisdom
  39. Albert Jay Nock-Memoirs Of A Superfluous Man
  40. Daniel Flynn- A Conservative History Of The American Left
  41. H.W. Brands-The Money Men
  42. Italo Calvino-The Baron In The Trees
  43. Grover Norquist- Leave Us Alone
  44. Lawrence Solomon-The Deniers
  45. Francois Rabelais- Gargantua And Pantagruel
  46. Milton Friedman-Milton Friedman On Economics
  47. Ayn Rand- Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal
  48. F. Scott Fitzgerald- The Short Stories Of F. Scott Fitzgerald
  49. Amity Shlaes- The Greedy Hand
  50. Thomas Woods & Kevin Gutzman- Who Killed The Constitution?
  51. Joseph Ellis-Founding Brothers
  52. Thomas Sowell-A Conflict Of Visions
  53. Thomas Sowell-Basic Economics
  54. Thomas Sowell-The Quest For Cosmic Justice
  55. Robert F. Bruner & Sean D. Carr- The Panic Of 1907
  56. Murray Rothbard- America's Great Depression
  57. Albert Jay Nock-The Book Of Journeyman
  58. Marisha Pessl-Special Topics In Calamity Physics
  59. Bill O'Reilly-A Bold Fresh Piece Of Humanity
  60. Jerome K. Jerome-Three Men In A Boat
  61. Arthur Laffer, Stephen Moore, Peter Tanous-The End Of Prosperity
  62. Jerome K Jerome-Idle Thoughts Of An Idle Fellow
  63. Elmore Leonard-Get Shorty
  64. Roy Hoopes-Our Man In Washington
  65. Richard Miniter-Losing Bin Laden
  66. Ayn Rand-The Virtue Of Selfishness
  67. Roy Spencer-Climate Confusion
  68. H.L. Mencken-The Impossible H.L. Mencken
  69. Evelyn Waugh-Brideshead Revisited
  70. Chuck Palaniuk-Stranger Than Fiction
  71. Allen Tate-Poems
  72. John Derbyshire-Prime Obsession