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Greatest Hits 2008

At the end of every year, I pick the entries I most want to be remembered and post a list of links to them. "Greatest Hits" is just a catchy title. I know they are not that great. Since I made a little over 170 entries this year, I'll list 17 (or 10%). They are in no particular order.
  1. A Stringed Instrument
  2. A Car That Runs On Self-Esteem
  3. CAR!!
  4. Easter
  5. Eliot Spitzer
  6. Is Freedom Of Speech A Human Right?
  7. She was so beautiful, and so sweet
  8. Poetry Reading After Action Report June 12,2008
  9. Ayn Rand & Individualism
  11. On number theory and pretty ladies
  12. A Heated Coffee Shop Conversation
  13. The 1966 Georgia Gubernatorial Race
  14. Why I Voted For McCain
  15. Hillary Clinton And Predatory Lenders
  16. Mothers Day
  17. Rory Gilmore