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Stuff I have recently learned from television

Last night I watched TV Land's  Myths And Legends. It was a special episode about Elvis. I found out that Elvis had a twin who died at birth, and apparently this deeply affected him his whole life. I was surprised I didn't know this already.

Over the holidays I watched a Biography special on The Brady Bunch. It mentioned that Gene Hackman was the original choice to play Mike Brady. I already knew that. One thing I didn't know  was that  Henry Kissinger was a big fan of the show and even visited the set one day.  Knowing this made me feel a little less stupid for watching a show about the Brady Bunch.

At one point the narrator threw out the tired old carp that problems were always "solved in half an hour" on the Brady Bunch. There are many things  that can be said against the Brady Bunch,  but this is not one of them.  Problems are solved in a half-hour episode on the Brady Bunch, but not in a half hour in the lives of the Brady Bunch.

This complaint is made about a lot of television shows, and the people who make it always seem to think they are incredibly clever. They are not, and wouldn't  be even they were making an original observation. Instead of looking smart, they look (to me at least) like they don't know that most television shows aren't real time. 24 is an exception. The Brady Bunch is not.