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Writer's Block: So Long, Farewell

It's the last day in office for George Bush. There's been a lot of talk in the media lately about Bush's legacy. What do you think he will be most remembered for?
Maybe for  turning the GOP into the party of nation-building, government spending, and nationalization of big business. All with the best of intentions. If I had to give my opinion of Bush in three words it would be "bless his heart."

There's things he deserves credit for. I believe the tax cuts (especially the dividend tax cut) were a good thing. And no, I do not believe they were responsible for our current economic morass. Government revenues actually went up. That's not to say Bush isn't responsible for the deficit. But it was his refusal to use his veto pen on spending bills, not his support of tax cuts.

He doesn't get the credit he deserves for  nominating the first two African American Secretaries of State. It's true that lots ots of previous Presidents put African Americans in their cabinet, but Secretary Of State is the highest ranking cabinet post. It's the first cabinet position in line of succession for the Presidency.

And for what it's worth, at least  one Liberian newspaper applauds Bush's handling of Liberian dictator Charles Taylor. I remember Bush talking about sending troops to Liberia and just groaned. I thought for sure it would be another Somalia. I feel pretty sure I was wrong now. It was not the fiasco I was expecting, and I think if it were I would have heard more about it.


That's kind of my feeling about Bush too. I mean, all my friends think he had some kind of Naomi-Wolf-ish plan to turn America into a dictatorship but even the whistleblowers from within the administration don't report stuff like that. All along, they thought they were doing the right thing. They just weren't.

Edited at 2009-01-20 08:09 am (UTC)
I think Bush did a lot wrong but he does deserve credit for some things. The Left hardly ever gives Republicans credit when they appoint a minority to a top position, and yet they are all for affirmative action. Kind of hypocritical of them in my opinion. (Not that the Right can't be hypocrites too.)