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Carter Snubs Clinton

At least according to this article he did. If you read the article, you will see Carter denies it.

What I found interesting was the assertion that there has been bad blood between Carter and Clinton since 1980. According to the report, this may be because "Carter’s landslide defeat to Ronald Reagan ... cost Clinton the Arkansas governor’s mansion".

Perhaps. But the article doesn't mention a reason for enmity between C&C that predates the 1980 election by a few months. It involves The Mariel Boatlift, a mass emigration from Cuba. Castro had announced that anyone who wanted to leave from the Mariel port could. Many of the emigrants were mental patients and criminals.

The usual immigration processing centers were overwhelmed, and the arriving Cubans had to be detained in other places, including Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. Things did not go smoothly. There were demonstrations by the Ku Klux Klan, and there was rioting by the detainees. Many believe it cost then governor Bill Clinton re-election in 1980. (His problems were sometimes summarized with the phrase Cubans and Car Tags, the latter referring to an increase in the cost of car tags that happened on his watch.)

I remember the stories about riots at Fort Chaffee. The name of the governor didn't register, and I didn't remember it was him until years later until I read Meredith Oakley's Clinton biography On The Make.

Clinton, rightly or wrongly, got a major black eye from Carter's handling of the Mariel Boatlift. Compounded with negative coattails from Carter a few months later, I can see why they might not be best buddies.