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Writer's Block: DIY

MacGyver, hero of the tv show with the same name, is known for his resourceful use of ordinary household items to get out of an emergency situation. What's the most ingenious solution you've ever come up with in a pinch?
Wow. I wish I'd read this a few minutes earlier. See my previous post.


I can think of a good example relevant to a shared location: Jackon's Java down by the university. Jason and I were contacted by my friend Tim, who was locked out of his car. I looked over the car and we started roaming around trying to think of a way to get into it. Home Depot was right down the street, which admittedly feels kind of like a 'gimme'.

Looking through Home Depot, I found copper grounding wire, at about a quarter inch thickness. This was just perfect. We took it back and managed to get the car unlocked in just a minute or so. I left Tim with the copper grounding wire and he went to his work at Best Buy later that day, and there was a Best Buy employee and a woman trying to get into their car right outside the store: The employee asked Tim if he had anything like a coat hanger and Tim said, 'Ah! Even better, I have exactly three feet of copper grounding wire perfect for that.'. Gave it to him and of course they got the car open very quickly, reaching it under the window and pushing the physical locking mechanism up with a hook.

They coiled it around his antenna and he picked it up later. : )