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A Visit To The Doctor

Elle took me to the doctor today. She is such a good person and such a good sport. I say good sport because she took me to the same doctor last week. For my Tuesday appointment. Only the appointment wasn't for last Tuesday, it was for this Tuesday. duh

It's like Wimpy from Popeye always saying "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today". The strategy behind this is that people always think Tuesday means "this coming Tuesday". But there are lots and lots of Tuesdays so it doesn't have to mean that. As I found out last Tuesday.

Anyway, I was worried about blood-pressure and heart issues because I have been short of breath so much. My blood pressure was indeed quite high. The doctor mildly chastised me for not coming back to see him sooner. As well he should have. The last time I saw him was September 11,2001.

That was quite a day. My father was dying of cancer, I had something really bad wrong with me and didn't know what it was (and it turned out to be quite bad), and I was thinking to myself as I drove to the doctor "What else could possibly go wrong?". I turned on the radio and found out.

Never ask "what else could possibly go wrong?".

So I guess I could use the excuse that I began to believe that going to the doctor was bad luck. Although that's not strictly true, since I had visited a cardiologist a few times after that.

But this was a good visit. Aside from the blood pressure, he said I was doing pretty well. And I was not in as bad a shape as I was the first time around. I had also seen him on September 7,2001, and he gave me some diuretics for the fluid build-up. The next visit I had lost 22 pounds! I joke that this fluid retention was God's little way of making me more empathetic to women.

Anyway, he gave me some medicine called uniretic, which is a combination of diuretic and blood pressure medicime and told me to to see him in two weeks. I was in much better shape than I was last time. We decided together that this was largely because I had quit drinking. He noticed that I was doing well despite the high blood pressure and asked "What is it that you are doing right?". I said "I guess it must not be that I'm not drinking." He concurred.

So I found out that I am not going to die, I am getting some medicine that I have been needing, and I got reinforcement for not drinking. All in all, a worthwhile visit.

And thanks to Elle for taking me. A case could possibly be made that she saved my life


Thank you:)

Happy Birthday

BTW, Happy birthday!

Re: Happy Birthday

Thank you very much!