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Recent news about the Ira Yarmolenko case

There wasn't a lot of news about the Yarmolenko case after Carver and Cassada were arrested, but in the past few days there has been a burst of stories.

There was a story about someone else confessing to the crime The confesser, Christopher Lamont Cooper, says that he and some friends killed her for money to buy crack and dumped the body in Mount Holly. I don't put a lot of stock in this. It doesn't seem likely that Cooper would kill someone in Charlotte, and then take her body AND her car to Mount Holly without arousing suspicion. I could be wrong though.

In another story, Ira's photography teacher thinks she may have been in Mount Holly to take pictures for a class project . This would explain why she was there, and it could shed a little light on motivation. After Carver and Cassada were arrested, I wondered if Ira had seen something she didn't want them to see. Especially since there has been no talk of sexual assault or robbery. If she was down there taking pictures, I can see the perps thinking they were taking pictures of them and then doing something stupid.

More evidentiary details have been released. The most interesting new revelations are that the people who found Ira's body did not see anyone fishing on the riverbank. According to SBI agent  David Crow, "There's no way you could not have seen them". I don't know why Cassada and Crow would have lied about being at the river fishing, unless they were doing something else they didn't want the authorities to know about.

Earlier Mark Carver said he hadn't been anywhere near Ira's car, even though the DNA evidence says otherwise. There's starting to be a pattern of lying when there's no innocent reason to lie. I am leaning more and more towards the belief that the cops have the right guys.


thank you for the update
"I am leaning more and more towards the belief that the cops have the right guys."

I sure hope so!

*Hopes that justice gets served*
Thanks, both of you, for your kind words.