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Teaching and Pop Culture

As long as I've been teaching, I have tried to liven up the lectures with an occasional pop culture reference. Now that I'm 50, it's a little tougher to find references my students can relate to. I used one the other day that worked better than I would have expected it to. I was writing some code on the board, and I'd reached a point where the program could possibly divide by zero if  some checking wasn't done. I paused and said we had to be careful what we do next. I asked the class "what is something you should never ever do?". Somebody said "leave the front door open." Well, I guess that's true even though it wasn't what I was fishing for. I said "OK, there's all kinds of things you shouldn't do. Like leaving the front door open, tugging on superman's cape...". Then the same student said "spit in the wind". Wow, he actually knew the song I was quoting. I continued and said "OK, there are LOTS of things you shouldn't do, but there's one particular thing you are in danger of here." Crickets. I probably gave up too soon and told them "what I was fishing for was dividing by zero". Then I added  "Jim Croce never mentioned that in his song and now he's dead!!!". That got a laugh, which surprised me. I'm pretty sure "Don't Mess Around With Jim" came out before most of the people in that class were born. Maybe I still got it. :)


Hey, don't worry...I'm an 23 year old who's totally behind with what's popular with people my age. I have a new MP3 player, and I play 10-year old songs on it. :D
Thanks :). (0f course 10 year old songs would probably sound new to me.)
I'm not 18 anymore,but i think you've still got it