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Stock Market

As I write this, the stock market is down, although not by a lot.  What's more significant is that it is down nearly 25% year-to-date, and it is only March.

I don't really have a trading portfolio anymore. I was smart enough for most of it to be in cash, which I have now taken out. It does contain  a couple of ETF's that I am going to hang onto forever or until I can sell them at a profit, whichever comes first.

I don't have any inverse ETF's. I am a little angry at myself for not making some sort of bet against the market around election time. I would probably be in high cotton right now.   I say "probably" because I  might have gotten out too early or screwed up the trade in some other way, and I would still be mad at myself. As I have said before, betting against a down market is much trickier than betting on an upmarket. Safer just to go to cash when you hit a peak.

I am sure that the stock market still had some natural downside when Obama was elected, but  I can't help but believe he is aggravating this. I am particularly concerned about the comparisons between Obama and FDR , Most of the media considered the similarities between Obama and Roosevelt a good thing. But many, including Dan Flynn in this TakiMag article, have pointed out that the stock market did not come back up to it's pre-crash level until the Eisenhower years.

That's 20 years. That's scary as hell.


Did you hear about this?