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Poetry Reading After Action Report 3/12/2009

Last night's poetry reading was pretty crowded. Many of those present were friends of Henry Berne,  who was active in the local poetry community and had recently died. I didn't know him that well myself (I think I met him once) because he didn't come to the Jackson's Java poetry readings.

There was also cake. One of the regulars, Beth, brings cake to every March reading because Jonathan, who presides over the readings, has a  birthday  in March. Nothing illustrates the wheel of life like eulogies and birthday cake at the same event. Beth also had cards (signed by most present) for Jonathan and surprisingly, me. My birthday had been Monday, Jonathan's is this Saturday. I was touched that Beth included me in the birthday festivities.

I didn't have much original poetry, which is good because there were lots of readers. I had one memorial haiku for Paul Harvey:

Now that you are gone
Who is left to tell us the
Rest of the story?

I don't like that haiku much. It follows the rules, but ending a line with the word "the" is definitely a fudge.

I had also brought along a copy of The Drunken Driver Has The Right Of Way by Ethan Coen (yes, that Ethan Coen). It's a slim collection of humorous poems. I read the title poem.

I told the crowd before I read that from the very brief time I spent around Henry that he seemed like a decent guy and I wished I had known him well enough to write a decent haiku about him. I don't know if that was the best possible thing to say, but it was sincere and not completely inept. His friends seemed to take it well.