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Karaoke Vs. Basketball

Last night after the poetry reading I went to Picasso's for karaoke. I usually have 8:00 classes on Fridays, but I was on spring break this week so this was a rare chance to do some Karaoke on Thursday night.

I got there about 10:30, and the DJ told me they were going to start after the game was over. The game in question was Syracuse vs. UConn.
I was cool with that. Maybe I wouldn't get to sing as many songs, but that's better than nothing.

Then the game went into overtime. Oh well. It will be a short night of Karaoke, but I'll still have fun.

Then it went into another overtime. This was not looking good. I started rooting enthusiastically for somebody to win. Either team, just so karaoke could start.

Alas, my team let me down. Somebody did not win, and there was another overtime. I began to wonder why they had to wait for the game to be over for karaoke to start. I understood that there were a lot of people there  who liked basketball as much as I liked Karaoke. What I didn't understand was why the sound was so gosh-darned important. Meager as my sports knowledge is, I was able to keep up with what was going on without paying attention to the commentators. Surely the seasoned sports fans didn't need them.

At the beginning of the fourth overtime, I began to wax philosophical. Maybe I wouldn't get to sing, but I might be able to see history being made. I could be a witness to the record number of overtimes. But one of the TV captions (note, captions; you really don't need sound) said that there have been  4 games with 4 overtimes just this season. Damn.

Finally, after 6 overtimes, Syracuse won. I don't think it was a record number of overtimes, but it was historical. According to this article, it was the longest game in Big East history. That's something. Not quite the moon landing (or even the Red Sox beating the curse, which I witnessed at the same bar), but interesting.

It was so late that karaoke was cancelled. Bah. Oh well, at least I got to see history being made.


I'll take the karaoke (am not much of a sports fan, unless the Olympics are on). Although I'd say that basketball in New Zealand isn't as a big sport as it is in the US. When it comes to rugby or sailing, however...:)

Although I must warn you about my singing. If I ever come to the US, and get to visit you, I'd recommend earplugs...:D

Edited at 2009-03-14 08:11 am (UTC)