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Math And Easter

I went to church Easter. It was at a little Lutheran Church right up the street from me that I could walk to. I needed the exercise, and there was no way I was going to try to find a place to park at church on Easter Sunday. Better to exercise Christian charity and leave the parking spaces to others. Also better to avoid the headaches. Doing well by doing good.

Ever since Alanis Morrisette came out with that stupid song where she calls all kinds of non-ironic things ironic, I have always looked for real examples of irony. Or at least things that are more ironic than rain on your wedding day. One big irony is that the only time I consume any alcoholic beverage anymore is when I go to church. (Lutherans serve real wine with communion.)

I called my friend Wilma yesterday on my new cell phone. She told me that Pebbles calculus grade had gone from D to B after I had tutored her. This made me feel great and gave me a lot of confidence in my teaching skills, but I guess I should be careful not to weigh my contribution too much. I know that I'm not so good she would have made an improvement like that without any hard work or competence of her own.

There was a new episode of the Sopranos on Sunday night. After watching it, it occurred to me that perhaps Carmella and Meadow would have been cooler fake names than Wilma and Pebbles. Too late now. I'm already committed to Wilma and Pebbles. Live and learn.

I saw my friend Tim while I was grocery shopping Sunday night. He used to come to the Jackson's Java poetry readings but can't now because he is teaching a math class at a community college on Thursday nights. We chatted for a bit about how hard it is to come up with new material for every reading, and also about how it's healthy for math geeks like us to write poetry. It exercises the right brain and gives us balance. Keeps our heads from permanently tilting left.

In the midst of this scintillating discussion, Elle called me on my new cell phone and Tim got to hear the fart ringtone I had recently downloaded. I love having a cell phone.

The novelty of the cell phone has not worn off yet. The other day I couldn't find it and I decided to call myself on my land line and just follow the ring until I found it. But then I found it next to my land line phone. I felt disappointed that I lost my excuse to call myself.

I suppose it's just as well. This was before I had downloaded the fart ringtone.