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My day

I got to work this morning around 9:00, right when parking spaces start to become scarce. But I lucked out. I was on the second level of the parking deck, and I saw a woman pulling out.  As soon as she was out, I took the parking space myself. The car in the next parking space on the right was a PT Cruiser. My car is PT Cruiser too.

This was the second time this week I had parked next to a PT Cruiser.  Nothing like this ever happened when I was driving a Plymouth Voyager. People tell me I am always seeing PT Cruisers because I own one, but I am becoming more and more convinced that is not the only or even a major factor.

Later it was lunch time. I usually trek all the way across campus and up 48 stairs to the faculty dining room for the buffet. But I was feeling under the weather because of a chest cold and didn't really feel like it. Then I considered going to the food court in the nearby Student Activity Center.

I spent way too much time thinking about it, and it occurred to me I was a little like Buridan's Ass, the donkey that starved to death because he couldn't make up his mind which bale of hay to eat from.

Well, I wouldn't have died. I might have even lost weight. Maybe someday I will write a book called The Buridan's Ass Diet and make a gazillion dollars. Except I can't even stick to that diet  because I finally decided it wasn't a good idea to go to a buffet when I am coughing a lot. So I got pizza from the food court. Wow. I can't even make a commitment to be indecisive.

I did stuff today besides eat and park. I did work which is boring to do and probably boring to read about. Even more boring than eating and parking.

And that was my day.

The End


Great story!!!
Wow. I can't even make a commitment to be indecisive.

I totally sympathize.
I liked your story, too.
Thanks. It's funny how the trivial little things can sometimes make a good story.
"Indecision may or may not be my problem" -Jimmy Buffet