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Mozart Was A Red

Regular readers know that I enjoy the works of Ayn Rand and believe she has a lot of good ideas.

However, she does have the occasional bad idea, as miss_breeziness  pointed out in a recent entry.
Combine this with her rigidity and lack of humor, and she makes a pretty good target for a satirist.

Libertarian economist & polemicist Murray Rothbard saw this. After a falling out  with Rand he wrote a scathing and hilarious one-act play about her called Mozart Was A Red.

I've embedded a video of a performance of the play, performed by members of the Von Mises institute for Rothbard's 60th birthday.
Most  people believe that the bewildered neophyte who is set upon by Rand and her friends is supposed to be Rothbard himself.
I'll leave it as an exercise for you to determine which character is Ayn Rand.



Thanks for linking to me. :) I will check out the play sometime.
Hahahahaha! That play was brilliant. Who Rand was supposed to be was kinda obvious. :D
Poor Keith Hackley...

I guess this shows the downside of being able to extrapolate from everything, huh.