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A Visit To Miss Bonnie's Grave

I had finished eating lunch today after teaching for  6 hours and was walking back to my office. I noticed three attractive young ladies had a table set up with a bunch of flowers  on it. From a distance it looked like they might be for sale, and I thought it it would be nice to have one to put on Bonnie Cones grave.

For those unfamiliar, Bonnie Cone is the founder of  UNCC (or Charlotte College, as it was originally designated), and she is buried along one of the nature trails on campus. I actually knew her. She hired my father and I remember her from when I was a little kid. I saw her on campus once  and spoke to her. I refreshed her memory as to who I was and how I remembered her from childhood. She said "My goodness, I have to look up to you now." I answered "no ma'am, you don't have to look up to anyone."

So I have always meant to put a flower or flowers on her grave, but never got around to it. That's why I went up to the table and asked if they were selling flowers. Before I finished asking I saw that they were doing promotional work for a company called Ahead Of The Jones and weren't selling flowers. One of the ladies offered to just give me one.I hesitated for a moment because I don't like to be beholden to people, but since this was for Bonnie Cone I accepted. "I want to put it on Miss Bonnie's grave" I told them. One of the ladies handed me a rose. She patted my arm and said "We gave you the only rose." I looked at the remaining flowers  and damned if they didn't.

So I took the rose and walked over to the nature trail. I had forgotten where her grave was, so I spent more time hiking along the trails than I expected. I asked somebody for directions. I usually don't like to do that, but memories of Miss Bonnie had me more in touch with my feminine side than usual. And that's a damn good thing because otherwise I would probably still be wandering around on the nature trails instead of typing this entry.

I finally found her grave at the end of one of the trails. I had been there before. Once I brought my brother and his wife and kids out to the nature trails. My nephew plucked some leaves from various bushes and put them on the grave. I'm not sure that's proper dead person etiquette, but I know Miss Bonnie would have liked it so I didn't stop him. I walked up to the grave and put the flower on it. "I brought you a flower Miss Bonnie" I said, "a pretty girl gave it to me!". 

The whole experience was just what I needed. I had been feeling down on myself and the world lately, and having a chance to do a good thing, with the assistance of a pretty young lady, was enormously curative. I was so grateful that on my way back to my office I stopped at their table  and let them give me a sales pitch. (No, I didn't buy anything.)


That's a great story, sadly I never got to meet her
Thanks. She was a great lady, and I feel privileged to have known her.
That is a lovely story. Thank you for sharing it. You tell the best stories.
Thank you very much.