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Poetry Reading After Action Report 4/9/08

It was a fairly well packed poetry reading last night. There were 11 readers, some of whom were new. I was preceded by a young performance poet who went by the name Abstrack. He was very talented and energetic and I enjoyed his performance.

When I got to the microphone, I told about how Elvis Presley would never let Roy Orbison open for him because Orbison was just too good. I said that following Abstrack helped me to understand how Elvis felt. I looked at Abstrack in the audience and told him "I'll bet this is the first time you've ever been compared to Roy Orbison". He smiled and seemed to appreciate the compliment.

I didn't have any memorial haiku, so I read three of my old poems. The first was April 1999, a poem about the Columbine shootings (and also about Waco) that I read at every April poetry reading.  Last night was kind of special because it was the 10th anniversary of that poem. The other two poems I read were The Bridge and A Cat.

As usual, you can read the poems by clicking the links.



Are you going to attend the International Poetry Night next week?
It's unlikely. I am giving tests in 4 class that day that need to be graded.