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In Other News

Today is the 100th anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake. Yet another horrible thing that happened in April. And a lot of them seem to be clustered in a one-week period. Pol Pot in Pnom Penh was the 17th, Oklahoma City the 19th, and Columbine the 20th.

President Hu of China came to the United States today. It is sad that Abbott and Costello are not around to provide commentary.

There was an arrest in the Duke rape case today. One of the players arrested, Collin Finnerty, was recently charged with assault in another case.
That looked bad for the defense. Soon after I heard that I found out that there may be evidence that one of the suspects may have an alibi. That looks bad for the prosecution. It reminds me of one of those that's good/that's bad stories.

Here is a fun fact. The Dick Van Dyke show had two cast members with the same birthday: Rose Marie and Larry Matthews.
This is also the birthday of suspect Colin Finnerty.

I don't think this fact tells us anything about the case. But it is nonetheless interesting.

The stock market was on a tear today. As I watched the Dow skyrocket on television, I thought to myself "As good as this is, I'm not going to care today if I don't beat the market, as long as I do well." But I beat the market anyway. My portfolio was up 2.25%, and the best index (Nasdaq) was up 1.95%.
Hooray for me!