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A new userpic

It's a picture of Warren Harding, done in the style of Sheperd Fairey's famous painting of Barack Obama.  I found it on somebody's Warren Harding group at facebook, and I just had to have it.

Oh wow. Am I a Warren Harding fanboy now? I feel pretty certain I am at least the first person in history to use "Warren Harding" and "fanboy" in the same sentence.


Three Things I Like About You

1) You're so nice and a good listener to me.
2) You're a bookworm and media geek. Like me.
3) You can use the words "Warren Harding" and "fanboy" in the same sentence. :)

Re: Three Things I Like About You

Thank you :)
I sure hope you are. This whole 6.5 billion people in the world thing is getting pretty old.