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France & Socialism

Here's an interesting video I found about French Socialism, from ReasonTV.

The lady makes an excellent case for avoiding European-style socialism in America by using her home country as an example.

When people started talking about European socialism coming to America, I almost immediately thought about the France and the student riots there in 2006. The riots were triggered by a proposed bill that would make it easier to fire someone who was under 26 years old.
What the authors of the bill understood, that the students didn't, was that if it is difficult to fire someone then hiring them in the first place is less attractive. Overregulation of employment had created an economic environment where unemployment was high, and also created a culture where people believed they had a legal right to job security,even if that legal right meant high unemployment. The riots were inevitable.

So we should not copy recent French economic policy. Copying less recent French economic ideas wouldn't be a bad idea though. Implementing the ideas of Bastiat might be just what this country needs.