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Jack Kemp, RIP

Former congressman, HUD secretary, and Buffalo Bills quarterback Jack French Kemp has died at the age of 73. By all accounts he was a decent man and  deserved a more promptly written obituary than I am giving him. Like another JFK before him, he was an advocate of low taxes and sound money. He very presciently questioned the wisdom of the Iraq War when most of his fellow conservatives thought it was just a swell idea.

He had  critics on both the left and right. For the most part, the criticisms were of Jack Kemp the policy maker, not Jack Kemp the man. A staunch Democrat friend of mine once said Kemp was a "happy warrior" in the tradition of Hubert Humphrey. Libertarian Jeffrey Tucker  disagreed with him from the right on many points. Tucker wrote a tribute to Kemp at mises.org in which he was quite frank about these disagreements, but ultimately concludes that on balance, Kemp was a force for good.

He was a good man. He will be missed