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Poetry Reading After Action Report 5/14/2009

I brought three memorial haiku to the poetry reading last night. It was a fairly small turnout. Since a small turnout usually translates into more mic time, I regretted that I had not brought along one of my longer non-haiku poems. I did write a poem a while back called Despair that was fairly easy to reconstruct from memory (since it was written in heroic couplets) , and I jotted it down before the poetry reading started.

Even though it was a light turnout, there were a couple of new faces. One was performance poet named Jim. He had one poem about the evils of sleep, which put me in mind of Brother Theodore's diatribe against food, and a doggerel about the joys of eating dragon meat.

The other new face was really a special guest (or ringer) named Anthony Butts. He has published several books of poetry, one of which has earned an award. He read a touching poem about his time in a mental hospital.

The haiku are below. You can read Despair by clicking on the link.

Dom Deluise

I bid the portly
Jester and glad bad pitchman
Goodbye for the summer

Bea Arthur

"God's gonna get you"
Your other self Maude would say
And now he's got you

Jack Kemp

Your economics
Made you a fit quarterback
For supply-siders