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Movie Night

Tuesday night was movie night at the coffee shop. This week's movie was Hiroshima Mon Amour, a movie so full of seriousness and ennui it makes The Seventh Seal look like a madcap farce.

It's about a French woman and a Japanese man who are having an affair in Hiroshima. The French woman had previously had an affair with a German soldier who was occupying her town during World War II. All of this fornicating with foreign enemies filled her with guilt and angst.
Oh yeah, and ennui too.

I could have had some sympathy for her if the backdrop of her pity party was not a city that had been recently bombed into oblivion and suffered unprecedented carnage and suffering.

I know this movie is considered by many to be a masterpiece. I tried to like it, or at least respect it. I just couldn't. I think I gave up when the French woman was in a restaurant and screamed out "I used to be so young!". I said "boo hoo" under my breath. I went over tosimilarsmell  at the next table and asked him "where is Tom Servo when you need him?".

Good old SS promptly drew a silhouette of the whole MST3K crew. At appropriately angst-filled or pretentious moments he held it up. It sure made watching the movie a lot more fun.


when did Jackson's start having a movie night? We stopped by there last Sunday and hoped to see you, but alas you were elsewhere. That made me sad.
That Sunday night I was probably still working on my grades.

I'm sad that I missed you too.
Yeah, what's up with this movie night?
There's a kid working there who wants to class up the place, so he brings in foreign and classic films from his DVD collection and projects them on the back wall.
This was the first movie night I've been to.

He is also trying to bring in a bigger variety of musical acts. Almost all of them are good, but some of them (like the one that played tonight) are better suited to play at Tremont Music Hall than in a coffee shop.