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Memorial Day

I agree with the folks at lewrockwell.com  more often than not, but sometimes they take their anti-war, anti-state message too far. Their have been a number of anti-memorial day blog posts. The idea behind  a lot of them seems to be that since war is bad, it is wrong to honor fallen soldiers.

Like many of the ideas on LRC, I agree with that to a point. War is indeed horrible, and America often goes to war unnecessarily (I don't think I need to cite examples.) But some wars are necessary, or at least justifiable.

Most importantly, people sign up for the armed services because they want to fight the just wars. Once they're in, they can't pick and choose which wars they fight in. One blogger asks the very reasonable question  "What does a U.S. soldier dying while fighting in Vietnam or Iraq have to do with any of our freedoms? ". My reasonable answer would be "not much." But I would add that they even though it's a damn shame they died in an unnecessary war, I'm glad they were willing to join the military and fight and die in the event that it really did become necessary to fight for our freedoms.

So I'd like to say thanks and rest in peace to all our soldiers who fell on the battlefield, even if I disagreed with the war you were fighting in.
You were willing to fight and die for your countrymen, and that is what is important.


Good post. I generally agree with the Lew Rockwell people too, but what they're saying is kind of like refusing to appreciate teachers because of what the teachers' unions are doing to education.