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Facebook vs. LiveJournal

As I mentioned in another post, I now have a facebook account. Most of the people reading this probably know that , since all but two of my livejournal friends are also facebook friends. I also posted about what a time sink it can be if I'm not careful.

It hasn't kept me from taking care of real life responsibilities, at least not to the point I get in trouble. But I do find it  takes away from making entries here. Of course, a good way to alleviate guilt about not making enough blog posts is to post something about how guilty you feel about not posting more. Thus, this entry.

I started my livejournal accounts and facebook accounts for different reasons. The purpose of the livejournal account was to keep up my writing. The purpose of the facebook account was to stay in touch (or in some cases, get back in touch) with friends. I have to say that facebook has admirably fulfilled it's purpose. I have facebook friends I haven't seen since high school (and I graduated in 1976!).  And I had a cool facebook moment recently with a colleague. She wrote on her wall that she was looking for new music to listen to on a trip.I marched right up to her office with a Kevin Ayers CD I had in my office and suggested there might be something on it she would want to load onto her IPOD. She found a few songs she liked. So there's an awful lot of good about facebook.

Livejournal has done a pretty good job of living up to it's purpose. I just don't post as much as I used to since I signed up on facebook.

I think maybe I update on Facebook  too much. I'll find a link I want to post, or write some mathematical trivia on the wall, and it uses up some of whatever it is that makes me want to write in my blog. And farm town is a particularly insidious form of pseudowork (I am up to level 6 now!).

I think the lesson to here is that constructive uses of time are almost always less attractive than less constructive uses. Von Mises called this the disutility of labor.

I don't think I'm going to end up on a talk show talking about how facebook addiction ruined my life. Real life responsibilities offer a stick to offset the carrot of facebook, so facebook is not going to take over completely.Unfortunately, the only real incentive livejournal offers is the satisfaction I get after making an entry. The reward comes later. As  Dorothy Parker said , "I  hate writing, but I love having written." (Of course, Von Mises would probably have something to say here about time preference.) And livejournal doesn't dole out the kind of punishments that real life does when you neglect things there. The end result  is that this blog comes in 3rd.

This isn't a huge problem. I would love for this to be the biggest problem I ever have again in my life. I may end up doing nothing about it. If you are reading this in 2010, you'll know I did nothing. :)