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Poetry Reading After Action Report 6/11/2009

Last night's poetry reading went really well, even though I only had one memorial haiku and one poem I'd read before. The haiku was, of course, for David Carradine. The rerun was a poem I'd read a couple of years called Walking To Graduation With Geese. That poem appeared on the entry I made the next day.

Normally, I include the memorial haiku here, but I can't today. I have a very good reason. The editor of Main Street Rag was there, and after I finished reading he asked if he could publish the haiku in his magazine! So it wouldn't be ethical to print it here. 

This is the second time someone asked to publish one of my poems right after I'd read it. What's funny is, in both cases they were poems that would have been  the last one I would have sent in for publication. I sure never would have thought about getting a haiku published, and the editor himself said he usually didn't like haiku. But I guess he liked this one.

It was a good poetry reading.



Will you email me your haiku. I can't wait until it's published to hear it. I'll still buy a copy of Main Street Rag just because you have a poem in it.
I also liked your other poem.

btw, check your livejournal inbox