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Another Visit To The Doctor

I went and saw cousindoc again today. Allow me to clarify. This is the same doctor I saw last time. He is my cousin, and unlike me, he really is a doctor. Hence, cousindoc. Elle took me again. THANKS ELLE.

My blood pressure is almost normal after almost two weeks of taking medicine. It was dangerously high last time.
I've also made modest changes in my diet. Very modest. I don't get chips everytime I go to subway. That modest. But every little bit helps.

I haven't been to Landmark since my last visit, but from now on I won't be getting livermush with my french toast. Even though
it is so much fun to play with it and pretend it's Mr. Hankey. I suppose I could just order it and play with it without eating it, but that's not me anymore.
I have not outgrown playing with my food (I don't think any man ever does), but I have finally become too mature to order it for the sole purpose of playing with it. As that Stones said, "What a drag it is getting old".

So dear reader, in addition to getting to read about my stock portfolio, you will also be treated to regular updates on my blood pressure. Am I middle-aged or what?

And again, I am so glad I quit drinking. I know this is starting to sound like the joke about the thirsty old lady.
But back in 2001 my heart had been so weakened by alchohol it looked like I might need a transplant. Yikes!!
It's good to keep in mind what I almost did to myself.

I got a pedometer today. I need to start getting in better shape, and walking is a good way to do it. And this looked like a good excuse to buy yet another toy. :)

Cousindoc said he wants to get my blood pressure under control and eventually wants to give me an echocardiogram.


ha ha, YOU'RE an adult!!!!!!!!!!1111!!
Am not!!!