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Phantom Of The Opera

I went to see Phantom Of The Opera with Elle today. It had lots of singing and costumes and kissy stuff, but it also had a few explosions, effectively throwing a bone to the men in the audience. Explosions in a play are cooler than explosions in movies because you know that they are not computer generated. Oh yeah, a chandelier fell too, which was also cool.

We had seats that were very distant from the stage, which was not a completely bad thing. I pointed out to Elle that a lot of the effects (such as the river or whatever it is that the phantom rows his boat on) looked more real than they would if we were sitting near the stage.

Elle wore an outfit I really love, a sundress with pictures of roses on it. She looked gorgeous. I managed to look at the stage and not her during the play, though. Maybe I am getting more culturally refined in my old age. Or maybe I'm just getting old in my old age.

After the play we talked some about how I used to always see The Phantom of The Opera  lumped in with Frankenstein and Dracula in the monster magazines I read when I was a little kid. I though I must be sounding like a complete philistine, but when I logged on to the computer just now she had sent me an email with a link to the original Lon Chaney movie.

That was swell of her.



Say you'll send to me a Phantom ticket.
Anywhere it's showing I will go to,
That's all I ask of you.


Sorry for bad joke. But seriously, it sounds like you had a great time! I was dumb to miss it last year.
That's cute :)

I'm glad you enjoyed Phantom. All I remember from the show is the really cool chandelier scene.