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Catching Up

Because of real life obligation and new internet distractions, I haven't made many livejournal entries lately. I feel bad about that. This reminds me of when I kept a hard copy journal. Half the entries were either about guilt over not making more entries, or about my heating or air conditioning going out.

This is getting to be a lot like my  hard copy journal, because my  air conditioning really has gone out. It's been out all month. I've put off getting it fixed, thinking that the sooner I get it fixed, the sooner I'll start paying for it in my electric bill. Also, I tend to be of the "comfort is for sissies" school of thought. (I frequently use a word other than "sissies", but I know there's ladies reading this journal ) I'm about to accept the fact that I'm a sissy though, because I've been avoiding my house. Even more than usual. I stay in my office till all hours. So I'm going to get it fixed soon.

I was going to make an entry called "My House Is Broken" because in addition to my air conditioning being broken, my front door would only open when it damn well felt like it. The dead bolt wouldn't unlock, except for sometimes. Today I got my neighbor Mr.T (I actually call him that sometimes...his last name starts with T) to come have a look at it. He took it apart, squirted some WD-40 on it, and all was well. My house is still hot as blazes, but at least I can leave it now.

I had a good day yesterday. I reached level 24 in Farm Town. I also got all my finals graded and computed the final grades computed for my two summer school courses. And they are not due until Monday.  I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed about the Farm Town thing. At the same time, I like the idea of taking care of my grown up responsibilities even though I am fooling around with stupid internet stuff. It's kind of like taking a handicap in golf.


I'd recommend a repairman...or a whole bunch of them. :)
I think I only need one repairman now...for the air conditioning.

Although the door might need further work.